April Tour: Danny Severance X Nassart

The Maven Imprint is throwing its first Chicago group show this Friday featuring eclectic live music, live art, and poetry all night from rising underground artists. Myself (Co-founder, The Maven Imprint) and Paulie Nassar (Art Director, The Maven Imprint & Founder, Nassart) were so excited to connect with dope creative people in Chicago that we booked a whole Midwest tour to keep the movement rising, never stagnant.

4/18 Chicago – The Maven Imprint presents The Transpersonal Experience Exhibition II

4/19 Peoria, IL | 4/20-21 Pekin, IL | 4/23 Chicago, IL | 4/24 Pittsburgh, PA | 4/25 Brooklyn, NY

Details at www.dannyseverance.com/shows


About danny

Midwest-bred, NYC based. Started violin classically at age 5 - adapted to blues and soul styles and started singing at age 18. Been writing poetry and prose since puberty.
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