Crossroads 12/14 at Greenpoint Gallery

Hello everybody!

I have been super busy putting together an artistic experience like no other – its called Crossroads and will take place Friday 12/14 at Greenpoint Gallery in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. We’ll feature several live music acts (including me!), about a dozen artists displaying work alongside a collaborative all-night live art piece over 30 ft long done by at least 8 live painters.

Check out the facebook event here:

Crossroads will be the first event in NYC from the Maven Imprint. My New York Maven partner in crime, Paul Nassar (Artistic Director), will be curating the show with me and of course will paint with Team Nassart, featuring Paul, Ralph Serrano, and many more. If you don’t know already, Team Nassart has been building a huge presence around the city this past year at spots such as WIP (Work in Progress) and the White Rabbit.


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Midwest-bred, NYC based. Started violin classically at age 5 - adapted to blues and soul styles and started singing at age 18. Been writing poetry and prose since puberty.
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