Hi, New York. Reeling

Touring with Off The Wall Graffiti, Paul Nassar aka Nassart, and Philippe Mastrocola aka Spraycam gave me so much light, growth, and opportunity. I reconnected with friends and band members in Illinois and came out of the experience looking forward to many more projects in Chicago, Illinois, and Michigan in 2014.

For me, the other two highlights were 1. my performance with Paulie Nassar (percussion) and Ryan Iyengar (keys) at the House of Blues LA – Foundation Room and 2. the city of Detroit..

Detroit was utterly beautiful and utterly tragic. Abandoned buildings such as those in the Packard Plant, an unofficial graffiti mecca, signify holes left by time and economic turnover. They become canvasses. Decay brings art. Detroit’s art scene today is pushing beyond street art into galleries, attracting attention as a rising center for the arts. As a former resident of Brooklyn, I could see the possibilities already. But Detroit, compared to crowded New York, is characterized by uninhabited pockets where displacement is impossible. So, is that a (virtually) blank canvas for an arts organizer? I was also intrigued by Detroit arts projects we encountered such as Write-A-House and the Library Collective, and the potential I could explore through their examples: community building; profound repurposing; creative curating.

We walked through the Heidelberg Project too. Looking back on it, I find that experience to be a decisive moment in my growth as an artist. Philippe, Paulie, and I were shocked to learn that the outdoor, multi-building multi-block installation has been up for 13 years. That. Is longevity. You can find more of my travel bloggage at www.themavenimprint.tumblr.com

Back in New York

So, what now? Play some dope gigs, and then get back to touring in the Midwest and LA this Spring and Summer. The Maven Imprint, known for collaborative blow-out art shows in New York and LA such as PRISM (LiveArtsLA), Crossroads (Greenpoint Gallery), and ARTBOMB (Freecandy), will produce a similar arts event April 18 in Chicago.

Catch a performance of my nu soul teaser song ‘Thank You’ at NYC showcase by Creative Spotlights and Red Shark Entertainment 7PM at EVR Friday 2/28..

Show details are always at www.dannyseverance.com/shows

Pleased to announce that I am joining Queen Ella’s band on violin: LIVE 2/14 Majesty Loft, Montclair, NJ & 4/12 Metropolitan Room, Manhattan, NY

I am also joining the Pancakes & Whiskey team! Stay tuned!



About danny

Midwest-bred, NYC based. Started violin classically at age 5 - adapted to blues and soul styles and started singing at age 18. Been writing poetry and prose since puberty.
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