Old Soul Revival: the Bowery Electric 10/30

Up next: the Bowery Electric. 9:30PM, Wednesday, October 30th. that’s 327 Bowery, New York, NY. SO PUMPED. best costume get’s a private performance.


October 30th, 9:30PM

& don’t forget, we’re the official house band at the monthly Street Poets NYC Thee Open Mic – next installment is November 1st (www.streetpoetsnyc.com / @streetpoetsnyc)

& more fall shows to come. Stay up with dannyseverance.com/shows & @dannyseverance on Twitter + Insta, @dannysev on Soundcloud

About danny

Midwest-bred, NYC based. Started violin classically at age 5 - adapted to blues and soul styles and started singing at age 18. Been writing poetry and prose since puberty.
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